Progress :-D....YAY!!!

This will be short because I am in a rush but wanted to post today. More in a bit but here's a start! I am feeling better. It is not gone but at least I feel human again :-)

As a result, I did some work this AM but was so dizzy, I had to quit for a bit. We have some errands to do and I will post further when we get home, but in the meantime....

I have actually made some small progress and feel good about it! I wanted to post this to the before the deadline passes this week. Drop by there and pop back here a bit later for more scintillating news from our neck of the woods! Enjoy!!!

OK, I am back having done the errands and had a nap and dinner. Time soon for a walk ( if I can stay awake) . This bug is slow to go and has left me VERY tired and dizzy. I am just listening to my body and sleeping when that seems all I CAN do! Getting old is DEFINITELY NOT for sissies!

I have done very little- in fact NO quilting this week except today. I had to take it easy though as looking down then up, turning from my cutting table and light box to the ironing board and back was making me feel REALLY dizzy! I do not now, nor have I ever drunk beer or alcohol of any sort but I IMAGINE this is how it feels to be drunk. Why do you do it, folks??? This is madness. We are NOT amused. I would NEVER willingly do this to myself. CRA- ZEE- NESS!!!! Make it go away.

I have managed to practise with the camera though. I have become good friends with my new macro lens. As we have had a fair bit of wind this week I have done some indoor work....
One of the skeletonized magnolia leaves I collected last fall

Such lovely Wabi Sabi to add to my collection

This one almost looks gilded

I shot the dandelion blooms last week but just got a few pictures of the seed heads this week. NOT easy and I may continue to try through the summer. These ones are VERY densely populated with seed!!!
Such exquisite marketing and how about the efficiency of the distribution system !!!

I did do some outdoor work too . I always say I am useless without my tripod- cannot hand hold worth a darn.
...WELL, almost always!
OK, I have mustered the oomph to go for a short walk round the block. Keep observing and enjoying and creating. 


  1. The photos are wonderful. I miss my camera, but every time I think of getting a new one the world intervenes and gives me a huge expense so I can't afford one! Clearly I'm only supposed to have a point and shoot!
    I hope you feel better very soon.

  2. Oh Yes !!! ... Fabulous, Carolyn !
    Glad to hear that the bug is almost gone ... funny thoughts on drinking !
    Your photos are fabulous !

  3. Good shots of the leaves and the dandelion seeds - it really is beautiful. The slow bug will finally leave you alone.!!

  4. I love macro lenses, and skeletinized leaves and have included them into my framed wall quilts before.