Devilish details

A VERY Happy New Year to all of you nice readers of this little blog. DH and I have been well but our a lot of our family has been very ill with 'flu- REAL 'flu, not just colds! I hope you have all fared much better? Little Oliver has had an ear infection and Type A influenza. He is MUCH recovered and walking by himself now- EVERYWHERE! That is such a joy to watch. His Mum and Dad have both been very ill. My SIL still has 'flu but seems to be recovering. Apart from all of the illness, we have had a Happy Christmas and a great start to the New Year.

The Clockworks piece grows apace. I am not sure why I tackle stuff like this. Must have masochistic leanings! So far, so good but I am to the stage now where I have a LOT of Devilish Detail to add and it is a slow process. It really IS fun to do but exhausting too. Here it is as it currently stands.
Still needing a LOT of little detail and some revisions here and there.
As well as working on this quilt top, I have been making friends with my new camera. I made a small resolution to try to take one good photo per day ( lots more if I have time but I do NOT have time every day) to keep a 2015-365 file to see if I have improved by 01 Jan 2016!

I bought myself a bunch of hot pink Gerberas ( red and hot pink are REALLY tough to photograph!) and have been playing with them :-)

and this is an artificial magnolia branch, also fun to play with .
I need to get busy on today's photo . I took the one of the quilt top today but that does not count! It has to be one I have to work at!! Part 2 of my Digital Photography course begins tomorrow PM( 8 weeks total) and I start the online Photoshop Elements for Fibre Arts with Kris Sazaki and Deb Cashatt, also SAQA members (Professional). It runs in two three week sessions all online but the info remains accessible for six months. Prepare to be amazed!!! ( She said hopefully !)

Because it is Tuesday, I will post this to the and look forward to touching base with you in this brand new year. Happy New Year again and Happy Creating! Stay well.


  1. All the best for a wonderful, creative, joyous ánd healthy (!) year 2015 !

  2. The class sounds great. I was just reading about now is the time to bring up the plants to counteract the diminishing Christmas glow. Fake, make that faux, plants work wonderfully! ;^)

  3. I've not had the flu but I am still fighting off a very severe cold with an ear infection, so your family have my sympathy!

    The gerbera photo is wonderful. It's odd, because they aren't my favourites by any means, but that detail makes it look really pretty - and the colour is magnificent.

  4. your clockwork piece looks very interesting...and a lot of work!! Progressing nicely.

  5. Happy 2015 ! Your clockwork piece will definitely be worth watching !

  6. The Clockworks piece looks fantastic right now, to me - I love the colors you've used! And I'm amazed at your photography skills for close-up photos!

    I'm taking the same online course - if it's the one that starts Jan 12th. I'll 'see' you there!

  7. I continue to stare at the Clockworks piece in amazement at how you have painted with fabric. Deb & Kris are good -- know their stuff. Alas, with all their enthusiasm they still couldn't prevent me from dozing off with boredom about if you find yourself bored or overwhelmed with the's not them! ;-) Enjoy!