Small problems

Thank goodness for DH! He is a wizard with building stuff and with  electrical things. Here is my problem!

Here is where I sew! Compact, springs to mind.
See how crowded I am ?
Do ya see the heat vent?
Here's what happens when I try to roll my chair!!!

Well, I sweet talked DH into making an extension on my table on the right hand end so I could slide the table away from the vent and roll my chair easier. He agreed and measured it all up. We had the desk pulled out from the wall to measure and I went behind it to mop and dust and found THIS!!!!!
We had had two power bars plugged into the socket behind the table.This had happened to each plug!
The receptacle looked like this when DH dismantled it!

We THINK there must have been a lightning strike or a power surge to do this as nothing plugged into this could/would do that. Good old DH! He has replaced the plug,replaced the sheathing burned off the wires and  replaced the two power bars and tonight, he is ALMOST finished the desktop extension. Photo to follow. In light of all of the postings about renovated sewing studios, I decided to post about this massive undertaking ! I shall post the finished job tomorrow AND the NOW FINISHED Giant Hollyhock!

I have spent all afternoon at the Art Gallery of Burlington(ON) doing a decent job as a docent for Fibre Content, the joint show of fibre arts with SAQA and several other local groups. VERY nice show. It is on till next Tuesday (16 Sept) so DO drop by if you are able! No charge for admission but a $5 charge for the lovely catalogue.

I shall post this to the . Drop by and see what's up. I shall edit this in the morning when the light for taking pics is better.

And here I am back again- like a bad penny! Here is the table now-
If you look carefully, you can see the added bit AND where my chair and knees will go -AND THEY WILL MISS THE HEAT VENT! YAY , DH!

AND- ta, da- the finished Hollyhock-
All done!

OK, NOW go to TNTN! The link is above. Enjoy!


  1. I'm looking forward to the photos. I have two plugs in my sewing room and I think I'm the power bar/extension cord queen. :( DH is no electrician but gets me heavy duty cords. ;~)

  2. Good thing you decided to fix your space! I too have a small sewing space and any improvements can help. I look forward to seeing the finished hollyhock. I looked back at the ladt post and really love the stitching you've done on it.

  3. Your hollyhock is lovely.
    My trusty electrical engineer husband looked at the pictures and suggests that the outlet may have been wet, since there looks to be corrosion on the outlet.

  4. That is a cosy little sewing corner.

    Beautiful hollyhock! What size is it?

  5. It still looks pretty cozy there...but I'm glad you can swivel more easily. And the hollyhock? I hope the ones I grow next year are as lovely! :-)

  6. Win-Win in that corner. Love the Hollyhock.