Ready for all eventualities!:The Last Post....

....before we become Grandparents officially! How VERY exciting! Next Wednesday has been designated the Birth Day. DD is still in the High Risk category so she is being given some help to get this babe here safely. Fingers are all crossed, as are toes. Prayers are being said! In preparation for Baby Boy's arrival, the Little Mum made these! Are they not to die for??? BB's Daddy has a pair of purple, hightop Converse runners so it stands to reason that BB should have a pair of "Converse" runners too :-)
In preparation for going away but still having to be ready for the show, I have worked VERY hard and now have my work all in a pile,ready to pack into the car and to hang at the gallery!
The pile!

The pile from the top - on DD's bed! Luckily for her, she has another bed now and does not need this one.
For the antique enthusiasts among you, the bed is well over 100 years old, made of very wide pine boards and painted with wood graining on parts of it. It was made by Polish immigrants and is in the Wilno style. It came from a barn near Wilno ON, MANY moons ago. I think we got it when I was about ten years old, and that was NOT yesterday! It is a very pretty piece and was a child's bed so it is short and had to be lengthened to fit my enormously tall daughter ( 5'0" on a good day!)

And, lastly and in the category ( sort of) of Where's Waldo, here is what happened at our front door yesterday afternoon.The pic was shot through a VERY dirty front window so it is not stellar. The big blurs though, are NOT dirt! They are robins flying away when they saw me !!! The holly bush was full of fruit yesterday morning . Not so much this afternoon! It was picked clean by these poor starving robins. Can you see them? it is a dark, fuzzy pic but there are still several there! Someone needs to remind the robins that we still have tons of snow everywhere  although at +3c this afternoon, there ARE puddles and runnels and running water sounds:-)

And so, I am off to get ready to depart for the southland when we are summoned. Wish us luck please. have a wonderful , creative week and enjoy the end? of winter 2014.

I am going to post this to Hope you will all have a look there and see what everyone is doing!


  1. Congratulations on being an "almost" grandma!

  2. Those sneakers are so darn cute. Happy vibes being sent your way:)

    I saw about five Robins yesterday. I thought I was seeing things...LOL What are they doing here so early? They were eating berries off one of our bushes in the company of several Cardinals.

  3. Great runners. What gallery show? I saw a whole bunch of Robins a couple of weeks ago when it was really cold and I thought they only arrived during spring. It was a really strange sighting.
    I do hope all goes well on the BIG DAY.

  4. I did see a wee drip off the south eaves trough so just maybe a hint for spring. The runners are darling. Go Grandma!!!

  5. Gotta love those "trainers", eh? Looking forward to hearing the Grandma news when the little fellow makes his arrival.

    Wonderful stack of quilts for the show...though I confess to having forgotten the details of it!

    Robins?! Wow! We've seen them here as early as some time in March, but it's been too cold and snowy here yet. Just the usual chickadees, jays, and waxwings munching on birdseed and whatever berries they can find on the trees.

    P.S. Yes your comments did make it onto my blog...I published one and deleted the duplicate. :-) Travelling mercies! - M.

  6. Those bootees are so cute! (And I don't 'do' babies. No maternal instinct whatsoever)

  7. Have a safe time, Carolynn, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and your DD and the BB, too. The purple runners are so chic and beautifully made.

  8. The past two years have been so warm, we had robins too at this time of year here in Toronto. I hope yours will find warmer climes soon!

    Here's to a happy and healthy mother and child! I would think those booties are sufficient inspiration for the baby to get here quickly. They are so cute, and very well done!

  9. The runners are amazing. Sending lots of good thoughts for the big day. That's quite a pile of quilts you have, ready for the show. I hope you'll share a pic of them displayed. What a delight it would be to see robins. Maybe they know something we don't and spring will be here sooner than expected.

  10. How exciting that your grandbaby is almost here! So happy to hear they've both made it safely this far! We, too, are expecting a grandbaby (a girl) and mama is high risk as well as baby threatening to be born way too early. We're now past 24 weeks, so baby is viable, but could still have problems if born now. Each week is another celebration as we persuade this little girl to be patient. Looking forward to hearing your good news! Love and blessings to all

  11. Keep checking your blog for news on the grandbaby. Praying that all goes well. Yes, I also love the runners, so cute. Which show are you preparing for and where is it?Arlene

  12. The very best of luck to the mom-to-be and the whole family! Great that you managed to get ready for the show, best of luck for that, too.