I Spy---- the first real snow!!

The first appreciable snowfall 27 Nov 2013

And so it begins! 2013's snow season. I hope we get some great snow for pictures but not enough to interfere with travel in February or early March ;-) It certainly looks pretty this morning.

I have finished my "baby sewing" for now. I did a little I Spy quilt and offer a couple of pics of it for WIP Wednesday even though I FINISHED it last night- TUESDAY. It COULD be better . This is not my bag so much any more and I forget some of the tricks but , all in all, I like it and KNOW it will provide lots of cuddle and fun in years to come.
Here is the front
It is certainly bright and cheery!
Closeup of some of the fabrics used. What jolly fun!!!
And the back

I am going to post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. I hope you enjoy all of the posts there this week. It is getting close to Christmas so it will be harder and harder to get things done to post . Enjoy the bounty this week!


This simple little piece called Red Poppies was made as a sample for a class I am just finishing up teaching. I LOVE poppies of all sorts and in all stages of development. I just got my sample back as the class is almost done now so I thought I would share it with you, as this is November and the time of the year when we make a point of remembering the many sacrifices of our armed forces in pursuit of peace. I don,t have much to say about the piece itself but thought it was fitting for a post for this week on the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com

Another closeup

Lest We Forget

Lowly and Minky and Hydrangea

Well, I am easing into Granny mode :-) I bought some Minky fabric and some flannelette and made three little blankets! Cute, eh? VERY cuddly too. They should keep the cool drafts away from a little person, even one who lives where it is warm and toasty lots of the time !
The one with the froggies is turquoise on the back side.
Not sure if you know Richard Scarry books but in his children's' stories, he has a little character called Lowly Worm. Lowly is MUCH beloved by my SIL and DD and they reckon that the Babe will love him too…so….I made a Lowly! Call me crazy , but this was fun. Have not made ANY sort of dolls in ages so I enjoyed this.

Here he is! Lowly Worm! LOVE him :-)
Just to show you that I HAVE done some serious work, here is the start of my hydrangea centres. They will get lots of stitching and some extra detail with pencil crayon.
These are only pinned in place. Stay tuned!
OK, I am posting this to WIP Wednesday on the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. Enjoy the posts from this week.