"Sheep and lambs and occasional rams"

View out through the doorway of an ancient barn to the hills beyond.

A couple of resident Scottish Blackface rams.

I THINK this big tupp is possibly  Cheviot or maybe a Liecester. I will check him out. He was VERY curious about us.

The trio of "pet lambs".

Himself again, scratching his back on the edge of an old bathtub.

Long view of "our flock" out on a new hill pasture.

That's "our farm" in the background . The road up to it is a hilly, bumpy mile long! From the top of the hill though, the views are spectacular!
I promised some people I would take photos of sheepses! Here are a few, some of the better ones. I am still getting used to a new camera so some shots are a bit iffy . The weather in Scotland was variable, to say the least with such strong winds that I could not hold myself still to take pictures! I was trying to get closeups of wildflowers and between the flowers blowing around and ME blowing around....

We did have a wonderful time though, as always. Sadly, my husband was ill while we were away and I feel a little bit icky this morning but a few good sleeps ought to do the trick! Anyway, it is good to be back. Now, I have to get to work and do something nice with all of these lovely memories.


  1. Love those curly-Qs. It's always nice to go somewhere but great to be back home. Welcome.
    I hope it was an enjoyable trip.

  2. Hi, Carolynn. I used to spin so I always pay attention to sheep photos and those Scottish sheep certainly have beautiful fleece. Sounds like it was a marvelous holiday, and then home looks so great afterwards. I bet you've gotten all kinds of inspirations!
    best, nadia

  3. Hi Carolynn, welcome back again. Now we can again admire "sheepses". Oh this Scottish landscape is beautiful. I hope you had a good time - forgetting about the wind.

  4. Welcome back. Sheepses are okay but the ancient door view is wonderful!