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Well, THAT was fun!!!

I haven't blogged for AGES! I mentioned last time that I am not quilting now , but painting ( watercolour) instead. I am LOVING it but have been out of the loop for a whole year as I have been searching for my Dad's biological family. I have FOUND them and they  are just WONDERFUL!!! We are having a great time sharing stories, photos as well as DNA! SOOO exciting! Now that the story is pretty clear, I have returned to the Poppies!

Enough idle chatter! Here is where I am at the moment. I MAY be close to finished with the upper poppy bloom and the bottom one is now well under way. In the second pic, you can see the Poppies Aglow II quilt I made from the same photo. I LOVE poppies and this old picture that I shot on  our Honeymoon in 1966

For the "process folks", here's where I start with colour. I go for the very lightest patches first and if they are in danger of getting painted over, I will protect them with masking fluid or frisket!

Now you can see I have begun to add detail . This is all so pale that seeing how the deeper colours will look makes me add some areas of dark to let me see a fuller picture.
So, in this fuzzy photo, you can see some of the contrast starting to show which makes the whole thing more understandable in the end.. it says here😂😂😂 Hoping to make hay this afternoon as the sun shines brightly so my reds and yellows are MUCH easier to distinguish from one another.

Hoping YOU are having a good day? I am!! Happy creating❣️

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